Day 117 | April 27, 2014


Private family gardens provide for the farming family, community members and needy in the mid 1940s. Image from Clemson University Special Collections. Clemson Extension Circular #314, Food for Health and Better Farm Living, April 1948.

Community Gardening

 “Every farm family should know the kinds and amounts of foods and feed necessary to adequately meet the needs of the people and livestock on the given farm and should insofar as possible endeavor to produce and conserve sufficient to meet these needs. Town and village families with land available should also endeavor to do this. The more foods and feeds produced and conserved by these groups up to the family requirements the better family can live and the less will be the drain on commercial suppliers and the more there will be available to feed the hungry in other parts of the world.”
Clemson Extension Circular #314, Food for Health and Better Farm Living, April 1948).

Thankfully, the concept of community gardening remains a wonderful resource for building strong communities while sharing nutritious, local fruits and vegetables with those around you.  For more information on community gardening, download Clemson Extension’s FREE guide, “Starting a Community Garden” produced in collaboration with “Eat Smart Move More” of Horry County and Greenville County’s “Gardening for Good” network. (32 page, 1.28MB PDF) 

Or contact your local Clemson Extension Horticulture agent: County office list >


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