Day 125 | May 5, 2014


Selling logs by the log scale (1939). Image from Clemson University Special Collections.

Marketing Timber

For a number of years, timber has been South Carolina's most important cash crop. The yearly income to landowners from timber sales ($566 million in 1997) exceeds that from soybeans, tobacco, corn, peaches, or any of the lesser crops. In many counties, timber income exceeds that of all other crops combined. 

Although timber marketing is a year-round activity in all areas of the state, it is still a rare activity for most individual landowners. And, for most of them it is a complicated, confusing transaction. It requires a special combination of skills and knowledge to be successful, and the landowner who does not possess them must take the time to acquire them, or employ someone who does.

For more information on how to market timber, visit the Marketing Timber information on the Forestry & Natural Resources website.


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