Day 149 | May 29, 2014


Woodland Management. “Farmers are beginning to think of their woodlands not only as a “piece of woods,” but as a “crop” of timber…” Page 25, Extension Circular #296, “Using ‘Triple-A’ tools for better Farming”. December, 1946. Photo courtesy of Clemson University Library Archives. 

Don’t move firewood. Buy it where you burn it.

As you pack for camping trips this summer, leave the wood at home.  Buy your firewood where you burn it; then leave any left over wood at your site for the next camper.  Many invasive forest pests, like emerald ash borer, Asian long horned beetle, and oak splendor beetle, can hitch a ride on your firewood.  While adult beetles may be hiding in the bundle, the larvae and pupae still maturing inside the wood are even more difficult to spot.  Protect our forests. Don't move firewood.

Learn more about the Invasive Species Program's Pest Alert Initiative "Don't move the Firewood" and how you can report invasive species.


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