Day 156 | June 5, 2014


“Sketch of a pond with natural spillway and dam located where side of valley converge.”  Extension Circular #276, “Farm Ponds”. 1946. Photo courtesy of Clemson University Library Archives.

Managing Farm Ponds for Fishing

South Carolina has numerous farm ponds that are used for irrigation, watering livestock, and recreation. Even though most of these ponds are not used for recreational activities, they could provide excellent fishing opportunities if they were properly managed.

Small farm ponds are man made and not natural environments. They must be carefully managed to provide productive, recreational fishing. Think of a pond as a garden or an orchard. It must be properly laid out, fertilized, seeded (stocked), weeded, pruned (selectively harvested), and protected from acts of nature (e.g., oxygen depletions) to be bountiful.

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