Day 157 | June 6, 2014

323Although well known for its ornamental uses, roses have a variety of benefits: Roses are a money-making crop for commercial cut flowers; essential oils from the rose are used to make perfumes; rose hips are used for foods such as jams & marmalades and drinks such as teas and rose water; many species of roses have levels of vitamin C that are useful for medicinal purposes in dietary supplements; and for centuries the rose appeared as the subject in may art elements. Photo taken at the South Carolina Botanical Garden. 

June is "Rose month"

Are the words “hips”, “deadhead” or “cane borer” familiar to you? As an owner of a rose bush, they probably should be. The Home & Garden Information Center has a variety of resources on caring for the roses in your garden.

Growing Roses >

Pruning Roses >

Rose Insects and Related Pests >

Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Rosette Virus >

Factsheets on growing, pruning, common diseases, insects and more can be found from this filtered search for “rose”. 


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