Day 163 | June 12, 2014


Peach Grower Field Day at the Clemson University Musser Fruit Research Farm - Peach growers from NC, GA, and SC examine and taste 29 types of peaches.

Everything About Peaches

People should be excited about peaches because South Carolina is the number 2 peach producer in the United States. In fact, South Carolina is producing about double the volume that Georgia is producing.  It is South Carolina's signature summer fruit crop.  It’s about a 50 million dollar a year industry and it employs more than a thousand people.  We’ve been growing peaches commercially in South Carolina since the mid-1800s, and the railroad industry actually was closely tied to peach production.  In fact, most of the peach packing sheds were built right alongside the railroad so that peaches could get on the railcars and they could be shipped long distances before even the major highways were in place.  South Carolina has been commercially growing peaches for over 150 years.  It’s a well-developed industry in terms of the culture and the people, and many of our peach growers are third, fourth, fifth generation peach growers in South Carolina.

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