Day 166 | June 15, 2014


Assistant County Agent George W. Bowen demonstrates vaccinating chickens to 4-H Club member (1963).

Happy Father's Day

Three generations of Clemson Extension: Retired agent George W. Bowen with granddaughter Grace Orders, former 4-Her and rising Clemson sophomore in Animal and Veterinary Sciences, and daughter and current 4-H Extension agent, Ginger Bowen.

George W. Bowen, Abbeville County native and graduate of Clemson College, served nearly 32 years with Clemson Extension – all of them in Spartanburg County.

Bowen spent the first 15 years of his Extension career as a 4-H agent, a passion that has been passed on to his daughter Ginger Bowen, a 4-H agent in Spartanburg County, and his granddaughter Grace Orders, a former 4-Her and rising Clemson Sophomore in Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

“I appreciate the opportunity that Extension gave me. I was able to spend my entire Extension career in one county, Spartanburg, which is kind of unusual. I was able to learn the geography of a very large county as well as many good people from one end of my county to the other end. Spartanburg has been very good to me and I trust that I have been good to Spartanburg County.”

Ginger Bowen joined Clemson Extension in 1990 as a 4-H Coordinator in Hampton County. After working in Hampton, McCormick, and Edgefield counties, she became the 4-H agent in Spartanburg County in 1997, where she will continue to work until her retirement in 2018.

In May 1997, George wrote a note to his daughter and shared some fatherly wisdom.


Congratulations on your being selected to be the Spartanburg County Extension 4-H Club Agent. Spartanburg County has a tradition of having effective Extension programs particularly in 4-H Club Work.

I feel that your Extension work experience over the past 7 years in Hampton, McCormick, and Edgefield counties will be most helpful to you as you begin your work here in Spartanburg.

I would like to challenge you to become the BEST 4-H AGENT THAT YOU CAN BE. Continue to develop the Spartanburg County 4-H program into one of the TOP programs in the state.

This can be accomplished through hard and consistent work, building on existing strengths, eliminating unproductive baggage, adding new and effective ideas, knowing the county and clientele, being a team player, promoting the total Extension program, and keeping good records.

AIM HIGH AND SHOOT STRAIGHT. I know you can do it.



Happy Father’s Day George W. Bowen and dads everywhere!


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