Day 168 | June 17, 2014


Chester County. Photo courtesy of Clemson University Library Archives.

Do you know anyone in this photo?

One of the real advantages of today's digital photography over film photography is metadata. As soon as we capture a photograph digitally, we have a tremendous amount of information available about that photo. And with images editing tools, we can add descriptions and the names of the people to the file.

The picture above is from one of many Clemson University Extension boxes with unidentified pictures. All we know is that it is from Chester County. Do you know anyone in this picture? Do you remember this event? Help us to identify the people. If you have any information, e-mail PSA_WEB-L@CLEMSON.EDU. Your contributions and knowledge will make these photos even richer. And don't forget to tag your pictures so people will not ask this question about your pictures.


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