Day 183 | July 2, 2014


Image from Extension Circular 444, Peanuts in South Carolina. April 1958. The Clemson Agricultural College Cooperating with the United States Department of Agriculture. Courtesy of Clemson University Special Collections.


Did you know that South Carolina's official State Snack is the boiled peanut? In 2006 the South Carolina General Assembly passed Act 270, which in part states:

SECTION 1.    The General Assembly finds that boiled peanuts are a delicious and popular snack food that are found both in stores and roadside stands across the State, and this unique snack food is defined as peanuts that are immersed in boiling water for at least one hour while still in the shell. The General Assembly further finds that this truly Southern delicacy is worthy of designation as the official state snack food.

South Carolina producers commonly grow three types of peanuts: Virginia, Valencia and Runner.

Virginia types are the best all-around choice for both boiling and roasting. These large-podded peanuts are sometimes called "ballpark" peanuts. Virginia types produce high yields and have excellent flavor.

Valencia types are often boiled because of their distinctive flavor, 3 to 5 seeds per pod, and attractive red seed coats. Valencia types produce smaller kernels and yield less than Virginia types.

Runner types, as the name suggests, have a prostrate or running growth habit. These are the "peanut butter" peanuts that generally are small but have excellent flavor. They contain two medium-sized seeds per pod.


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