Day 19 | January 19, 2014

Young man on a tractor

South Carolina farmers have made marked progress in mechanizing their farming operations to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency. ~1959 Extension Annual Report

Agricultural Engineering

"Agricultural engineering plays an increasingly important part in the efficient production and marketing of farm products. The present-day farmer is concerned with problems of construction; remodeling and repair of farm buildings and structures; selection, use, and care of farm machinery and equipment suited to his needs; the use of electricity on his farm; irrigation; drainage; storage problems; cotton ginning; soil and water conservation; and other engineering problems." ~ Extension Annual Report 1959

Agricultural engineering continues to play an important role in efficient production and scientific advancements. The Intelligent FarmTM project, housed at the Edisto Research and Education Center in Blackville, uses computers, satellites, field sensors and cell towers to provide real-time information to improve decision-making and enhance farm prosperity, environmental sustainability and food security. The goal of the Intelligent FarmTM is to provide the latest tools to growers and consultants, such as Clemson Extension agents and specialists, who can make better-informed decisions about where and how much water and fertilizer are needed.


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