Day 2 | January 2, 2014


D.A. Shelby, Barnwell County Agent, discusses pasture grass with Mr. Powell. 1953

Clemson Extension Agents

If a farmer finds that some disease has attacked his crop, it is a simple matter to secure accurate disease identification and sound control recommendations. County agents or local agricultural teachers are usually able to provide this information for the most common diseases, but if the disease is beyond their scope, the problem can be referred to the State Extension Service Pathologist, or the State Experiment Station where the services of specialists in the art of disease control are offered the farmer.

...In order for the South Carolina farmer to successfully compete with the other farmers of the world and increase his profits, he should employ every possible means to insure disease free crops.

~The Agrarian, November 1953 (Keeping Our Crops Healthy CLAUDE L. MULLWEE. VAE '54)

Today, Clemson Extension agents continue to provide a wide variety of research-based information to the people of South Carolina. Find your local agents here.


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