Day 21 | January 21, 2014

Man showing prescribed fire methods to 4-H campers

Extension foresters and others instructed 4-H club members on good forestry practices at summer camps, conservation camps, and monthly 4-H meetings. Extension Annual Report 1962.

Let it burn

Today, prescribed fire is accepted as a legitimate forest management tool. Prescribed fire allows land managers to mimic natural fire systems and perform the burning under conditions that favor societal wants and needs. Fire in the forest allows natural forest development and the return of natural ecosystems that once dominated our landscape.  Fire is the most cost-effective way to manage both desirable and undesirable vegetation in pine forests.

Prescribed fire is used to accomplish several primary objectives in forest management that nature accomplished with frequent fires. Including:

  • Hazard reduction
  • Hardwood control
  • Site preparation
  • Wildlife habitat improvement
  • Disease control
  • Forage production
  • Improving accessibility and appearance

To learn more about prescribed fire, read Introduction to Prescribed Fire.

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