Day 57 | February 26, 2014


4-H members safeguard their health by eating well balanced meals of which milk is an important part (1942). Image from Clemson University Special Collections.

Got Milk

Today, the 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Challenge (modeled after such competitions as the Food Network’s “Iron Chef”) challenges teams of 4-H members to create a dish they are assigned.  Team members must  prepare the dish, make a presentation about it to the judges, interpret a label, plan a menu utilizing the dish and prepare a fitness plan.  The presentation will include information about the serving size, nutritional value, how to utilize the dish in a meal and the cost of the dish.  The 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Challenge allows 4-H members to demonstrate their culinary and food safety skills to judges and observers. 

To learn about the 4-H Healthy Lifestyles Challenge, visit the 4-H Healthy Lifestyles website.


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