Day 61 | March 2, 2014

extension film making

Over 200 educational motion picture films in the Extension Service film library are available through country agents and home demonstration agents for showing to audiences of farm people….455 showings in 1945 at meetings attended by 43, 363 farm people. Extension Annual Report, 1945. Image from Clemson University Special Collections.

Accomplishments in Extension Film

What better way for Clemson Extension to deliver research-based information to the people of South Carolina than through moving pictures! Whether traditional film reels or the newer digital vehicles; Clemson continues to provide resources through moving pictures. There are videos available on subject matter from dealing with the carpenter bee’s hole boring habits to online classes and certifications!

Visit our YouTube channel for seasonal topics or follow-up on a few urban legends like “The 5 Second Rule” and “Double Dipping” or learn more about South Carolina Master Gardener on-line training.


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