Day 68 | March 9, 2014

March is Frozen Food Month

“A view of a bunch of asparagus in a buncher showing the worker trimming the butt ends. Note the large knife used for trimming. Asparagus is passed from the grading table to one or more persons who have charge of the bunching.” Image used in Extension Bulletin #61 “Commercial Harvesting, Grading and Marketing of Asparagus in South Carolina”. Publication date: March, 1924. Image from Clemson University Special Collections.

March is Frozen Food Month

According to the publication from which this image was first used, asparagus was introduced to South Carolina around 1894. While it is likely that there are numerous backyard growers who continue to grow asparagus, South Carolina is no longer a top 5 exporter of asparagus as it was in the 1920s.

Whether asparagus, beans, nuts or juices - frozen fruits, vegetables and meats have equivalent nutrients to fresh. As you begin tilling the land for spring planting consider preserving portions of your harvest to enjoy next winter. Learn more about freezing fruits & vegetables from the Home & Garden Information Center.


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