Day 74 | March 15, 2014


Farm women marketed farm and home products to the value of $275,165 through 32 home demonstration club markets organized and operated by home demonstration clubs with the assistance of home demonstration workers. Image from Clemson University Special Collections. Extension Annual Report 1945. 

2014 Carolina Yard Gardening School

Clemson Extension has been offering gardening education to generations of South Carolinians. So why stop now!?

Gardeners ​know, ​the ​more ​you ​know…the ​more ​you ​grow! ​Join ​ Clemson ​Extension ​for ​the ​2014 ​Carolina ​Yard ​Gardening ​School ​ where ​local ​and ​regional ​experts ​share ​their ​passion ​for ​ gardening ​in ​a ​fun, ​educational ​daylong ​gardening ​school! ​ ​The  ​CYGS ​features ​ ​great ​lectures, ​hands-on ​workshops ​and ​more! ​ ​ This ​year ​the ​cast ​of ​SCETV's ​ ​"Making ​It ​Grow" ​will ​put ​on  ​a ​live ​" ​show"! ​ ​They ​will ​answer ​all ​your ​gardening ​ questions ​and ​share ​their ​knowledge ​through ​"show ​and ​tell" ​ plus ​lots ​of ​fun ​interactive ​audience ​participation! ​ ​Grab ​a ​ friend ​and ​sign ​up ​now. ​ ​Cost ​is ​$75/person ​and ​includes:

  • two ​garden ​lectures
  • two ​workshops
  • 1 ​soil ​test
  • lunch ​and ​refreshments
  • educational ​exhibits
  • plant ​problem ​diagnosis ​clinic
  • chance ​to ​win ​a ​door ​prize
  • books ​and ​plants ​for ​sale
  • on ​site
  • complimentary ​compost

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