Day 81 | March 22, 2014


Cicely Austin prepared the caramelized custard dessert from Redhaven peaches grown at the Musser Farm, which enables scientists to produce disease-resistant root stock and to test new varieties of peaches and other fruits.

Victory is sweet

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, South Carolina farms produced 75,000 tons of peaches on 17,000 acres in 2012, generating $74 million. When Clemson hosted the Peach State’s University of Georgia for the first-in-a-decade gridiron meeting in August, South Carolina peaches were the main ingredient in special treats served in Memorial Stadium’s executive suites.

Today, Most of Clemson’s peach research takes place at the University’s Musser Fruit Research Center, better known as Musser Farm located at Oconee Point in Seneca. The Musser Center is a 240-acre fruit tree research farm with an excellent collection of commercial peach cultivars and related wild Prunus species.  The farm includes nectarine, almond, apricot, plum, and cherry trees along with various interspecific hybrids. 

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