Day 88 | March 29, 2014


Image from Clemson University Special Collections.

Women in Agriculture

The South Carolina Women's Agricultural Network (PA-WAgN) supports women in agriculture by providing positive learning environments, networking, and empowerment.

The primary purposes of SC-WAgN are to encourage and support women in agriculture provide and strengthen networks for women in agriculture; provide educational and mentoring opportunities for women in agriculture; raise community awareness of agricultural related issues and concerns; and sustain farming livelihoods. Membership is open to any person supporting the mission and purpose of SC-WAgN. The network is comprised of women farmers, agricultural professionals, agricultural educators, and informed consumers committed to supporting and providing educational opportunities to women working in agriculture and ag-related businesses.

SC-WAgN offers on-farm education; hands-on workshops; conferences; networking; mentoring; and online information sharing tools. PA-WAgN programming is based on member needs and requests and includes business planning, farm management, production practices, direct marketing, farm equipment and safety, and health.


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