Day 9 | January 9, 2014


County Agent Bill Johnson working with farmers, Beaufort County 1964.

In the field

Agriculture today is different from the agriculture of yesterday. The word agriculture in the past seems to have meant working in the field and actually getting down to the pain striving labor to produce some agricultural product. Today the word agriculture has taken on a new meaning, and we have a new look toward the field.

The School of Agriculture at Clemson has taken a look toward the future in breaking the field down into three branches. Clemson stresses the science, business, and production-technology options in agriculture. The School administrators recognize that modern agriculture is a complex industry. We have a half million scientists directly or indirectly concerned with agriculture today. The "new" agriculture includes more than scientists, however. About six million people produce items that are utilized by the farmer, and ten million people process and distribute farm products. All totaled, approximately one third of all jobs are related to agriculture. This shows us the importance of workers in agriculture to the survival of man.

~The AgrarianFall-Winter 1963-1964 Three Phases of Agriculture By John D. Ridley

Today, the College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences continues to stress the science, business, and production-technology options in agriculture and offers a wide variety of degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Many students benefit from hands-on learning opportunities at the campus research farms, at the University's five Research and Education Centers across the state, and through Extension internships in county offices.


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