1905 Extension Bulletin by the Clemson Agricultural College

BulletinThe fundamental work of Clemson College is the instruction of students. The general facts in regard to this part of its work are presented annually in the college catalog. But the work of the Experiment Station, the public work of the various divisions of the Department of Agriculture, the work of the fertilizer, entomological and veterinary inspections, and the vast public correspondence carried on by both College and Station officers — all these phases of the work of Clemson College have never yet been presented or defined in any formal way. As with the appearance of this publication a new line of work is begun — the issuing of bulletins for public information along the lines indicated by the college correspondence, it seems well to make some brief statement regarding these varipus lines of activity.


In 1883 Mr. Thomas G. Clemson "executed a will and testa ment to provide for the establishment of a scientific institution upon the Fort Hill place." A few years later he amended this will so as to strengthen the purpose he had in view, which is clearly brought out in the following statement : "Feeling a great sympathy for the farmers of this State, and the difficulties with which they have had to contend in their efforts to establish the business of agriculture upon a proper basis, and believing there can be no permanent improvement in agriculture without a knowledge of those sciences which pertain particularly thereto, I have determined to devote the bulk of my property to the establishment of an agricultural college upon the Fort Hill place."

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