4-H South Carolina: Military Kids Partnerships

These teams make significant positive impacts on the lives of military families in communities across the state of South Carolina. As a result of SCMK initiatives, communities are increasing their capacity to support “suddenly military” youth who are facing a tumultuous time in their life. The four main projects of SCMK are summarized below.Hero Packs to the children

Ready, Set, Go! Training

This training helps youth understand the military culture, community support services needed during the military deployment cycle, and resources to help military children and youth cope with the stress of absent parents who may be in harm’s way.

Hero Packs

Hero Packs are backpacks filled with items designed to help connect kids with their deployed parent are distributed. Hero Packs serve as a “Thank you” to military youth for their sacrifices and as an expression of support from their communities and SCMK Partners.

Speak Out for Military Youth (SOMK)

These presentations generate community awareness of issues in National Guard and Reserve families and help foster community activism in solving the problems they face.

learning about snap circuitsMobile Technology Labs

The labs consist of laptop computers, color printers, scanners, digital and video cameras and software.  The equipment is used to help children and youth connect with their deployed parents. To learn more about SCMK, visit their website!  www.SCOMK.org

Army 4-H Clubs

As a result of the 4-H/Army Youth Development Project, over 400 4-H Clubs at Army Garrisons world-wide have become an important programming component for Army School-Age and Youth programs. These 4-H Clubs offer an opportunity for Army youth to explore new interests and gain skills in leadership, decision-making, technology, science, math, the environment and community service. In addition to “learning by doing” in their own 4-H Clubs on-post, Army youth connect with other 4-H’ers beyond the installation gates as they participate in a wide variety of county, state and national programs.