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The awesome experiences of flying an airplane, launching a rocket, conquering space and becoming an astronaut or pilot come alive through this project. Through fun and challenging activities, youth learn about flying, kites, hot air balloons, remote control airplanes, gliders, and rockets.


Youth demystify the "magic" of electric circuits, magnetism, motors and electronics. From making educated guesses (hypotheses) and testing them, to building burglar alarms, to learning how to select electronic Lego Robotices is a great way to learn engineering skills.consumer goods, this project is filled with hands-on activities.


Youth learn to plan a garden as well as plant the seeds, use garden tools safely, and harvest crops. They can then advance on the learning about transplanting plants, the effects of light and soil conditions, photosynthesis, cross-pollination, composting, and other gardening activities.


Youth are introduced to new ways to think about Geospatial technology, geographic education, navigational tools (like GPS, compasses, maps, etc.), identifying locations, measuring distances, creating maps, and more.


Youth learn what a robot is, how to build one and how to program the robot to use sensors to interact with its environment. Programming concepts are taught using the RoboLab language.

Small Engines

Lawn mowers, personal watercraft, go carts, model airplanes, and ATV's are just a few of the literally hundreds of machines powered by small engines. This project helps youth understand how small engines work and teaches them how to keep them working.


Youth create and construct using wood and woodworking tools. From the basics of a tape measure and hammer to advanced equipment like routers and table saws, there is something in this project for every age and experience level.