National 4-H Conference

Senior 4-H Members (ages 15-19 - as of Jan.1 of the current year - and in good standing) may submit a 4-H Portfolio and a note indicating their interest in National 4-H Conference. 4-H Portfolios must be signed by the County Extension Agent and received by the State 4-H Office by 4:30 PM May 1st (this means physically in the office not postmarked) or next business day when May 1st falls on a weekend. Those teens submitting the 4-H Portfolios that are judged to be the top individuals (receive the highest points) will qualify for an interview. Interviews will be conducted prior to State 4-H Congress. The teens with the highest combine score (portfolio 40% and interview 60%) will receive an all-expense paid trip to National 4-H Conference and an educational scholarship.  The year of the application must be a delegate to State Congress to receive the award.

Winners must attend National 4-H Conference in order to receive their educational scholarship. If the winner is unable to attend National 4-H Conference, they must notify the State 4-H Office prior to the national registration deadlines, or they will be responsible for any expenses incurred on their behalf. Scholarships must be used for educational endeavors and must be pre-approved by the State 4-H Office. The scholarships must be requested the first year after graduation.  Winners will be announced during the State 4-H Congress.

Senior 4-H Members who are age 14 (as of Jan. 1 of current year) may submit their 4-H Portfolio for comment, but they are not eligible to compete for the trip or scholarship.