4-H Wish List

South Carolina 4-H has a number of projects and programs that need to be funded on an annual basis. Below are those that have been identified as the highest priority. Donate Now!

South Carolina 4-H Wish List


 Presidential Tray Scholarships 4 at $2,000 $8,000 Annually
  $200,000 Endowed
 National 4-H Conference Scholarships $8,000 Annually
 4 Trips & Scholarships at $2,000 $200,000 Endowed
 National 4-H Congress Scholarships $10,000 Annually
10 trip and scholarships at $1,000 $250,000 Endowed
County Program Endowments 46 at $25,000 $1.15 M Endowed
Programs Support  
Leadership and Citizenship  
4-H Junior Leadership $1,000 Annually per County
County 4-H Teen Council $1,000 Annually per County
State 4-H Ambassadors Program $2,500 Annually
State 4-H Teen Weekend $30,000 Annually
State 4-H Congress $50,000 Annually
State 4-H Teen Council $2,500 Annually
State 4-H Presentations $5,000 Annually
Agriculture & Natural Resources  
4-H Face $1,000 Annually
4-H Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program $500 One Time
  $3,500 Annually
4-H Forestry $6,000 One Time
4-H2O $1,000 Annually
Program Kits $3,000 One Time per Region
Annual Operation $5,000 Annually
4-H Shooting Sports  
10 Club Start-up Grants $5,000 per Club
Volunteer Certification Trainings $10,000 Annually
Annual Operation $1,000 Annually per County
Science, Engineering, and Technology $200,000 Annually
Healthy Lifestyles  
State Healthy Lifestyles Challenge $5,000 Annually
Healthy Lifestyles Challenges $1,000 Annually per County
5 Multi-County Training Camps $5,000 Annually per Region
Special Initiatives  
Hispanic Outreach $1 M over Three Years
Palmetto Youth Leadership Pilots $10,000 per Pilot Site