4-H Volunteer Leadership Training Series

The 4-H Leader Training Series is the official source of orientation and training materials for all 4-H volunteers in South Carolina. It is especially valuable for 4-H club leaders. Below are the topics currently offered. They can be viewed and downloaded as PDF files.

Section I: Introduction to 4-H

Section II: Starting Your Own Club

Section III: Enriching the Club Experience

Section IV: Understanding Youth and Their Needs

Section V: Volunteers and 4-H Program Management

Be sure to speak with your county 4-H staff about volunteering for 4-H where you live. Contact your County Extension 4-H Office.

Written by Keith G. Diem, Ph.D., 2005.

Training Modules

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view these trainings. Watch the trainings in Slide Show mode and (View > Slide Show or Slide Show > Play From Start). Some slides have audio indicated by a speaker icon at the top left side of the screen.

Emergency Procedures (PowerPoint)

Child Abuse: Prevention & Detection (PowerPoint)


Emergency Procedures

Child Abuse: Prevention & Detection