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We intend to be a resource for the dissemination of Agricultural Enterprise Systems, Agribusiness Programs and Enterprise Budgets for any agricultural business as well as additional agriculture-related and food business materials. We hope to accomplish this by providing Enterprise Budget Sheets in the following formats: PDF (Portable Document Format) files that are equivalent to printed publications and you need free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files, as well as XLS files that are Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet templates. Current commodity market information, professional development courses, webinars and other useful resources are also available for growers, lenders, agricultural leaders and extension personnel to be informed of potential opportunities in the agricultural market. Webinars are provided for the use of some electronic files. Take a look at the Farm Business Courses available.

The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service (CUCES) strives to present accurate and timely information as general assistance for South Carolina's farmers, consumers, agriculturists, homeowners and other constituents. CUCES does not endorse any information not generated by CUCES unless specifically noted, nor does CUCES warrant that the actual source materials have been accurately transferred to this medium.

Utilization of these materials without the proper diagnostic/assessment services constitutes an agreement to hold harmless Clemson University from any liability, claims, damages or expenses that may be incurred by any person as a result of reference to or use of these materials.

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Data & Resources


Information about several South Carolina commodities and others crops and general news about agricultural production, organic agriculture, value-added agriculture and farm management innovation. 

Enterprise Budgets

A selection of enterprise budgets have been designed as tools for projecting costs and returns for South Carolina crop and livestock enterprises, and more importantly, as guides for planning individual farm productivity and profitability. These budgets are only general guidelines: each farm should develop budgets based on its specific production practices.


Many publications on current economic conditions for crops, livestock, horticulture, food processing, and other market conditions. USDA reports, other extension reports and data updates for the agriculture community to stay in touch.

Useful Resources 

A list of web sites that agriculture practitioners and persons interested in agribusiness and agriculture policy and community development might find interesting and informative.

Courses & Seminars

Income Tax Course for Tax Consultants 

The course will feature federal and state income tax topics of current interest to tax practitioners.

Extension Software Applications 

These software applications have been developed for growers to compute farm feasibility and profitability. They are for planning purposes only.

Professional Development Courses 

These distance education courses are provided to serve the needs and interests of county employees, growers, the agribusiness communities and alumni.