Extension Software Applications


These software applications have been developed for educational purposes only.  Most of them can be downloaded onto your computer for free and require Microsoft Excel®. Clemson University holds no responsibility for subsequent modification or use of these Microsoft Excel® applications.

BUDSYS is a Microsoft Excel® computer application for agricultural production and farm enterprise budget development. It is comprised of several budget templates to be converted into personal farm enterprise budgets.

PRODSYS is a Microsoft Excel ® computer application for crop production planning analysis. It employs enterprise budgeting technique to optimize managerial decisions on production practices. 

COWCALF PLUS is a Microsoft Excel® computer application for cost assessment and sensitivity analysis of a budgeted cow calf operation. Enterprise budgeting concept is embedded into this managerial system.

OMACHIN - The Custom Machinery Calculator - is a tool for farmers to estimate the cost of operating farm equipment subject to changing parameters and economic assumptions, including diesel price and machinery labor rate.

ARBOR_ONE - The Irrigation Investment Calculator - is a tool for farmers to assess the financial feasibility of investing in a new irrigation system while comparing the farm productivity and profitability subject to changing the yield based on an irrigated system compared to the yield on a dry-land farm operation. Free Excel spreadsheet provided by ArborOne.