Performance Tested Barrow Project

Youth ages 5-19 can raise a barrow in the Performance Tested Barrow Project. Youth will learn to feed and care for the project animal and prepare the animal for the show ring. Barrows must be between 50-70 pounds at weigh in and must be a minium 220 pounds at the state show. 

  • Register for Project mid June 2010_oburg_barrow
  • Purchase a barrow for market price ($50-60)
  • $10 4-H Membership
  • Weigh In first week in July
  • Show at State Fair Performance Tested Barrow Show in October

2014 Barrow Project Registration - Due June 2014 (coming soon)

For rules and regulations, premiums and awards, go to the State Fair Website Swine Department

4-H Project Books


Orangeburg County Fair Junior Barrow Show: October 2014

SC State Fair Performance Tested Barrow Show: October 14, 2014

  • No registration required. Participants are automatically registered with project.
  • Click here to view pictures of 2013 State Fair Barrow Show (
  • Click here for 2013 Barrow Show results (

4-H Market Hog Auction: October 2014

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