Tri-County Cattle Marketing Association of SC

The Tri-County Marketing Group of South Carolina is a beef cattle marketing association comprised of dues paying members from the central piedmont of South Carolina. The association is not like typical cattlemen association. The purpose of this group is to serve as a cooperative marketing and purchasing outlet for members.

The Tri County Marketing Group offers several opportunities for members:

  • Feeder Calf Sale each fall
  • Retained Ownership opportunity (Carolina Quest)
  • Cooperative purchasing of several cattle production products

Source and Age Verification Enrollment Information

Integrated Traceability Solutions (ITS) Kit (PDF document)
    -Please print/fill out all documents and return to Brian Beer, 109 Ella Street, Chester SC 29706

Integrated Traceability Solutions (ITS) Kit (DOC fillable document)
    -Please fill out electronically and email to Brian Beer,

Integrated Traceability Solutions (ITS) Enrolling Instructions (PDF document)