Feeder Calf Sale

The Tri-County Marketing Association holds a feeder calf sale one a year. The sale takes place on the first Thursday in September (9/6/2012). Cattle are loaded off-farm and in composite (comingled) loads. Composite loads are gathered and shipped on the second Thursday in September.

Herd Health Requirements

Disease TCCA Requirements
IBR, PI3, BVD (type 1 &2) and BRSV
Optional-  5-way Lepto
No less than 2 weeks before sale - no more than 2 months before sale - booster required Bovishield Gold 5
7-way Clostridial (Blackleg) At 3-4 months + booster Ultrabac 7 or 8
Pasturella  (a)
No less than 2 weeks before sale - no more than 2 months
Presponse HM

Internal & External Parasites

No less than 2 weeks before sale - no more than 2 months

Avermectin  products

(eg. Ivomec, Eprinex, Dectomax, Cydectin, Iver-On, etc.) or benzimidazole products (eg. Safe-Guard, Synanthic, Valbazen, etc.) plus external parasite treatment

(a) Be sure to use Presponse HM since it contains both strains of Pasturella.

Other Requirements

  • 45 day preconditioning
  • Registered performance orientated bulls and good quality cows: Angus, Charolais, Gelbvieh, Balancer, Simmental & SimAngus bulls only
  • Calving season (no earlier than October 15 - prefer mid-November)
  • Calves MUST be minimum 550 lb at sale.
  • Southeast Livestock Network PVP approved EID tags
  • Males castrated and healed
  • Dehorned and healed
  • Member of SC Cattlemen’s Association
  • Current SC Beef Quality Assurance Certification Number

When purchasing vaccines, be sure to specify above requirements.  Modified Live Vaccines are required.

2012 Dates to Remember

Sale Date


Last Day to Wean Calves (45 days prior to sale)*


Last Day for Vaccinations (booster 14 days prior to sale)

8/9/2012 (initial)

8/23/2012 (booster)

*Based on delivery date of composite loads 9/13/2012