In 1977 the first truckload lot of Tri-County Marketing Association feeder calves were comingled and shipped from a central loading point in York County, SC. Over thirty years later producer members of the Tri-County Cattle Marketing Association are still selling quality feeder cattle in truckload lots. The Association markets between 1200 - 1500 feeder calves each year in one video auction sale held the first Thursday in September.

The Association has auctioned their offering of feeder calves through Hodge Livestock Network (formerly Wilson Livestock Network) since 1981.

Time Line of Tri-County Cattle Marketing Association Highlights

  • 1977: Started with one load from several farmers in
  • 1980's & 1990's: Grew to a high of over 2,000 cattle per sale - Included vaccinated fresh weaned calves and preconditioned calves
  • 1996: Began requiring preconditioning program for all calves sold
  • 2005: Started requiring same vaccination products
  • 2006: Required age and source verification for all calves