Oat Variety Characteristics

Coker 820Coker 820 is a good yielding, early maturing winter oat which usually matures 5 to 10 days earlier than Coker 227. Plants are medium tall and stiff strawed. This oat has fair resistance to soil- borne mosaic virus, good resistance to crown rust and clum rot and has excellent test weight. Because of its earliness, straw strength and good kernel quality, Coker 820 is well suited for double cropping. Note Coker 820 is no longer being produced but this oat set the standard for oat production in S.C. for many, many years.

Coker 227 Coker 227 is a crown rust resistant oat released by Coker Pedigreed Seed Company. Coker 227 is also resistant to clum rot, Victoria blight and loose smut. Moderately resistant to soil-borne mosaic and tolerant to barley yellow dwarf virus. Coker 227 is a high yielder of forage and grain, tillers well, has a high –test weight, good straw of medium height and resists lodging.

Horizon 270 – Horizon 270 was co-developed by Louisiana State University Agricultural Center and the University of Florida and released in 2006 under the SUNGRAINS cooperative small grain breeding program among five Southeastern Universities. Horizon 270 is a medium – short in height, has excellent grain yield, a good test weight, good straw strength, and is resistant to crown and stem rust. Horizon 270 is short and relatively early so it does not have extremely high forage potential. It does have good early season forage potential and is competitive across the growing season.

Horizon 321 Horizon 321 was co-developed by the University of Florida and the University of Georgia and released in 2003. It is a mid-season winter oat with excellent grain and forage production potential, good test weight and excellent disease resistance. It has very good crown and stem rust resistance. It closely resembles its Horizon 314 parent but is about 3 days earlier in heading and has better disease resistance particularly to stem rust. It is between Horizon 314 and Horizon 474 in maturity.

Horizon 474 – Horizon 474 was co-developed by the University of Florida and the University of Georgia and released in 2002. Horizon 474 has considerable potential for both grain and forage production in the Southeast. Horizon 474 produces high yields of excellent test weight grain, is early maturing, and has good crown rust resistance and pears to be more winter hardy.

Horizon is similar to Florida 501 in maturity and plant height. Horizon is a white seeded oat, where as Florida has yellow seed. Horizon is 7 to 10 days earlier maturity than Horizon 314.

Horizon 201 – Horizon 201 was co-developed by the University of Florida and Louisiana State University Agriculture Center. Horizon 201 matures 2 days earlier than Horizon 321 and is similar in maturity to Horizon 270.  Horizon 201 is an excellent forage oats because of its vigorous growth and aggressive tillering. Throughout field testing it was noted as having high leaf to stem ratio and was considered a superior forage type with excellent grain and forage yield, and excellent crown rust resistance. However, it is susceptible to stem rust.

Simpson Simpson is a winter oat developed and released in 1983 by the South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station. Simpson is a medium maturing oat with high leave of winter hardiness. It is moderately resistant to leaf rust, has excellent tolerance to soil-borne mosaic and has good test weight. The average height is approximately 36 inches with occasional taller plants.

Please note the above information was taken from various web sites and may or may not be accurate.