Fairfield County 4-H Youth Development


Clemson Extension agents with primary Youth Development responsibilities work closely with state extension specialists and researchers located on campus and at the various research and education centers located across our state. They provide expertise in topics including animal agriculture and veterinary science, natural resources and the environment, gardening, leadership and citizenship, personal growth and development, and science, engineering and technology.

If you would like to enroll in 4-H, please contact your Fairfield County 4-H Agent, Ms. Margaret Doty.

  Ms. Doty maybe reached at 803-635-4722 Ext. 112  or  mdoty@clemson.edu


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   Interested in 4-H ?

  Contact Our 4-H County Extension Agent: Margaret Doty at (803) 635-4722 ext. 112  

  or e-mail her at mdoty@clemson.edu

Clover  STATE 4-H PROJECTS  Clover

Wildlife Food Plot Project    The purpose of the 4-H Wildlife Food Plot Project is to educate youth in the proper techniques of food plot establishments to benefit game animals and other wildlife species.  Contact 803-635-4722  for more information or to register for the contest.    The project is open to all youth; ages 5-19.



4-H Pullet Project   Obtain 12 or 25 week old chicks for a deposit.  Raise your birds, participate in shows, keep records, and earn prizes.  Specific guidelines are provided with registration.  Deposit will be refunded if project is completed. March Registration - Fee Applies - Ages 5-19 

4-H Laying Project   Must have a flock of laying hens to participate.  Youth will further their knowledge and skills of managing a flock and marketing eggs.  Specific guidelines provided with registration. April Registration - Ages 5-19



Clover    CLUBS    Clover

Fairfield 4-H Turn and Burn Horse Club   Participate in local and state 4-H horse events.  Do not need to own a horse to join.  Ages 5-19.  Under 9 must be accompanied by parent.



Clover  Visit the state-wide 4-H website  Clover