child holding a pumpkin4-H Youth Development: 4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

20 dollar billEconomic & Community Development: Focuses on leadership development, strategic planning, town charrettes and downtown redesign, entrepreneurial training and support, local economic development planning and support, local community development planning and support, industry cluster development, and economic impact analysis.

broccoliFood Nutrition & Safety: Providing expertise in topics ranging from safe food-handling training for individuals, restaurants and commercial food processors to prevent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses to nutrition, obesity prevention, chronic disease risk reduction, and special dietary considerations for individuals and families throughout the lifespan.

fall leavesForestry & Natural Resources: Providing expertise in topics ranging from forest management, forest health, forest products and forest taxation to impacts of development on water quality and watershed management.

pink flowerHorticulture: Education and services in topics ranging from fruits and vegetables, landscape, turf, ornamental plants and issues related to home gardening or commercial production.

sheepLivestock & Forages: Education and services ranging from beef cattle, dairy cattle, equine, small ruminant, poultry and pork production. Establishment, management and efficient utilization of grazing and hay crops like bermudagrass, bahiagrass, alfalfa and tall fescue are also areas of expertise for many of the agents.

raw cottonRow Crops (Agronomy):They provide expertise on topics such as production, pest management, harvesting, and post-harvesting processes for commodities such as soybeans, corn, tobacco.

Water and LilypadsWater Resources: Education and services in such water-based environmental and ecological sciences as watershed management, surface hydrology, groundwater dynamics, soil and water conservation, stormwater control, water quality protection, and numerous applied issues related to agricultural practices.