Ben Powell, Natural Resource Agent

Using Horry County's natural resources efficiently

I bring my training in entomology and water resource management to the people of Horry County to assist with wise management of the county's natural resources.  From homeowners to elected officials, youth to adults, I provide a variety of continuing education programs to all county residents to improve awareness of the value of water, land, wildlife and forest products for the county's economy and quality of life.

Regional Coordinator for Carolina Clear Program

By far, water is the single most important resource for Horry County, whose tourism and residential development hinge on whether or not its waters are clean.  The rivers, Intracoastal Waterway, and Grand Strand beaches drive the county's economy, and the quality of these waters will dictate the future of the county.  As a member of the Carolina Clear team, I deliver educational programs that help every conceivable audience value and protect water quality, especially in the county's urbanized areas.  Understanding that protecting water quality is a complex endeavor that requires local research and stakeholder input, I work intimately with local educators in the county as a member of the Coastal Waccamaw Stormwater Education Consortium to develop strategic work plans and programs that help local municipalities meet federal requirements and protect the quality of the county's public waters.


Wildlife and Wild Places

The abundance of opportunities to come into contact with Nature is one of the greatest draws for residents moving to Horry County.  A diversity of wildlife, productive fisheries, and expansive open spaces contribute to a high quality of life for the people residing in this region of the state, which makes managing these resources very important to maintaining the county's way of life.  As a member of the Forestry and Natural Resources team, I host and coordinate a range of programs that inform residents about management of game species for hunting and fishing, controlling nuisance wildlife, invasive species, aquatic plant management, fish pond management, and several other topic areas.  I make sure that programs such as Master Tree Farmer, Master Wildlifer, and Master Naturalist are made available to Horry County residents and that I am available to answer questions that pertain to natural resources issues of all kinds.