4H Photo Gallery

Dr. Tom Dobbins, State Extension Director and State 4H winner, Sidney Goff                   State 4H Congress delegates - Sidney Goff, Sara Beth Napper, Norgan Smerdell, and Katherine Ellig    Southern Region 4H Horse Bowl team (Katherine Ellig third from left-front row)     Kaleigh Gates - Southern Region 1st place champion--Dressage   4H Garden Project - Katherine Ellig          4H Pullet Project - Katherin Ellig

Butterfly Conservation at Mt. Pisgah and Bethune Elementary Schools

Mt. Pisgah Buttterfly Garden  Examining the root system Observing the Master Gardener as she prepares to plant  Kindergarten 4H Environmental conservation Club Mt. Pisgah Elementary

Learning about butterflies and how they live  Carefully handling the butterflies  Observing Butterflies  Releasing a butterfly

Camden First Aftershcool 4H Healthy Lifestyles Club

  Camden First Afterschool 4H Healthy Lifestyles Club   Learning about Fat Content in Fast Foods   Preparing a Rainbow Fruit Salad

Teaching about the effects of alcohol, drugs and harmful   Horse Bowl Winners 2014Junior and Cloverbud participants State Bowl 2014     KC 4H Horse Club at Sparkleberry Fair  Weeding and Stafking in 4H garden Project  

 4H Healthy Lifestyles

     Making a Salad   Making a Breakfast Smoothie   Eating a healthy salad   Making a better choice