Lancaster County 4-H Clubs

4-H Clubs: Members of an organized group of youth, led by an adult, with a planned program that is carried on throughout all or most of the year. 4-H clubs may meet in any location and typically have elected officers and a set of bylaws approved by the membership to govern the club. Standard 4-H clubs involve youth, ages 9-19, and focus on in depth learning of one or more projects. 4-H cloverbud clubs provide youth, ages 5-8, with an introduction to 4-H in a non-competitive environment. 4-H clubs might meet in the community, in schools during school hours, as well as in school age child care settings after school.

Lancaster 4-H Photography Club (seeking members)

4-H Photography Club - Level 2 (seeking members)

Lancaster 4-H Teen Council

Lancaster 4-H Poultry Club

Indian Land 4-H Farm Club

Lancaster County 4-H Turtle Club

Lancaster County 4-H Shooting Sports Club