Lancaster County 4-H Project Opportunities

Clemson Extension and South Carolina 4-H offer opportunities in many project areas. Be sure to check back often as new additions are made

2014 Performance Tested Barrow Show (often called the state Barrow Project)    Registration is now CLOSED !!!

2015 Pullet Chain    Registration now OPEN!!!

2015 Level 2 Laying Flock Project   Registration now OPEN!!!

2015 Meat Goat Project    Registration is now OPEN!!!

2015 Home Gardening Project   Registration is now OPEN!!!

4-H Livestock Judging    Learn More

Junior Invasive Inspectors

An exotic or non-native species is a species that is not indigenous to a given location and has been introduced, either accidentally or deliberately, into areas beyond its natural range.  Non-native can refer to species from other countries, regions, states, ecosystems or even local habitats.  An exotic invasive species is defined as a non-native species whose introduction causes or is likely to cause harm to the economy, the environment, or to human health.
     The management of invasive species can be challenging without enough people involved. That is where 4-H'ers can help!!! Careful monitoring can detect a pest before it becomes established and provide a rapid response to eradicate or control the pest and help to reduce environmental and economic impacts.  This requires the awareness, participation and support of everyone in South Carolina. 4-H'ers will be rewarded as they accumulate their findings.
     If you are interested in becoming a Junior Invasive Inspector, contact your local extension agent, Steve Hucks, at (803) 283-3302 ext 111 or More information can be found by visiting the Junior Invasive Inspectors Program website.

2015 Wildlife Food Plot Project (Registration to open in July, 2015)