Economic & Community Development

Students framing a house for Habitat for HumanityClemson Extension agents with primary economic and community development responsibilities work closely with state extension specialists and researchers located on campus and at the various research and education centers located across the state. They provide expertise in topics ranging from leadership development, strategic planning, town charrettes and downtown redesign, entrepreneurial training and support, local economic development planning and support, local community development planning and support, industry cluster development, and economic impact analysis.

Local Agent

Lexington County - 803-359-8515 Ext 0
Richland County - 803-865-1216 Ext 115


For information on the next upcoming Leadership Lexinton County (LLC) class visit out website at or call 803-359-8515 ext. 0


Leadership Lexington County [LLC] is a non-profit educational organization that offers a stimulating program which examines issues that face Lexington County.  LLC is designed to serve the needs of the citizens by enhancing county-wide leadership and energizing community development.  LLC builds teams, provides leadership skills, and facilitates strategic planning and implementation tactics.


By identifying community-wide issues, LLC alumni are armed with the knowledge to direct the future growth of this explosive county.  This program is directed by a volunteer base advisory board composed of LLC Alumni and community representatives.  General topics explored by the LLC program are:

  • Public Health
  • History
  • Land-Use Planning
  • Agriculture
  • Public Finance
  • Public Safety
  • Environment
  • Political Systems
  • Education
  • Regional Economic Development

Supported by Clemson University's Palmetto Leadership Program and Lexington County Planning for the Future, the program brings together leadership disciplines from a range of local organizations, agencies, and the private sector.

Visit the state-wide Economic & Community Development website.