2014 SC 4-H Wildlife Food Plot Project

     The new SC 4-H Wildlife Food Plot Project is a spin-off of the old SC 4-H FACE Project (Food And Cover Establishment for Wildlife) that had been around for nearly 35 years. Now in its second year, SC 4-H welcomes project sponsors QDMA: Quality Deer Management Association and their youth component, the Rack Pack, back as a sponsor in addition to new sponsor Wannamaker Wildlife. QDMA will be providing the project awards and Wannamaker Wildlife will provide the seed. Together, we plan to continue to grow this project so that youth around South Carolina can get hands on experience in outdoor life.


     The purpose of the 4-H Wildlife Food Plot Project is to educate the youth of South Carolina on the proper techniques of food plot establishment to the benefit of game animals and other wildlife species. The program also teaches many of the life skills that are the core of 4-H, such as responsibility, leadership, record keeping, creativity, and becoming stewards of the land.


    In addition to preparing, planting, maintaining, and observing a wildlife food plot, participants will be required to upkeep and return a project record book. There are 3 record books based on age divisions: Cloverbuds (ages 5-8), Juniors (ages 9-13), and Seniors (ages 14-19). Each book is broken down into sections based on project timing and topic: preparing, planting, maintaining, and observing. Youth will also be required to keep up with financial incomes and expenditures, write a short project story, record precipitation records, sketch a map of the plot, collect plot samples such as feathers and/or pictures of tracks, and document the project in photos.

    While this project provides the opportunity for youth to hunt over the food plot, it is certainly not a requirement. We realize that the goal of some youth is to harvest an animal, while the goal of others is simply to enjoy the wildlife in their natural surroundings.


    Youth should expect at least one site visit from their Extension Agent or someone on their behalf. Visits will be scheduled by your Agent.The score sheet from this visit and the record book will both be used in judging the food plot. The top Junior and Senior from each county will move on to the regional level. The top Junior and Senior in each region will be awarded and then will move on to the state level. The top Junior and Senior at the state level will be declared winners. Awards will be sponsored by QDMA.

     SC 4-H, QDMA, Rack Pack, and Wannamaker Wildlife wish everyone the best of luck with their food plot. Should you have any questions throughout the season please do not hesitate to contact your local Extension Agent.

    Forms and documents for this project:

For agents overseeing this project in each county:

  • The project registration fee should be deposited in your county 4-H account. This money is used to cover soil samples for participants in the project, to print record books, and to provide any another other resources you see fit.
  • The completed project contract should be scanned and emailed to Alana West, awillin@clemson.edu, or mailed to PO Box 160 Newberry SC 29108.
  • Throughout the project, all project participants and respective agents will be sent newsletters and other project updates and resources from the project headquarters. These resources can be found on this website as well.
  • Agents with participating youth are asked to schedule and facilitate the judging site visit.
  • Upon completion of this project, agents with participating youth are responsible for getting the record books judged on the county level. Winning Junior and Senior books from each county, as well as the score sheets from the county level, will move on to the regional level where they will be judged by the SC 4-H Natural Resources Committee. Winning Junior and Senior record books on the regional level will move on to the state level for judging. Please utilize help from Forestry and Natural Resource Agents if need be.
  • For questions please contact Alana West at awillin@clemson.edu or 803-276-1091 x111.