Oconee Beekeepers Association

honeybees on a honeycomb

Year 2013 Officers are:

President: Gaylene Carson, thecarsons130@bellsouth.net
President Elect: Jay Bobo, jaycbobo1@aol.com
Secretary: June Ponder, june@alumni.clemson.edu
Treasurer: Sue Hardee, cabinlife08@hughes.net
Past President: Marlene Capps, amproduce50@gmail.com

To have your name added to or deleted from the county mailing list, call (864) 638-5889.

Honey Bee Life Cycle in Pictures


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Upcoming Events

Regular meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of the every month unless posted otherwise.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, June 13th, 6:30 pm
Agriculture Building in Walhalla
Topic:  State Meeting Agenda and Registration


No meeting, but please attend the state meeting

SC Beekeepers Meeting
July 25th- 27th
Hendrix Student Center
Clemson University
Register online at the
SC Beekeepers Association Web Site


Thursday, August 8th
6:30 pm
Agriculture Building in Walhalla
Topic: Open Forum


Thursday, September 12th
6:30 pm
Agriculture Building in Walhalla
Topic: Finalize Parade and Fair Plans