Orangeburg County 4-H Clubs

Bowman Dairy Club
Date: Sunday afternoons during Fair season
Ages: 5 and up
Place: Bowman
Activities: Livestock ownership is not a requirement.  A dairy calf from the Thomas' farm will be assigned to each youth and the calf will stay at the farm.  Youth will learn how to be prepare themselves and to prepare animals for Commercial Dairy Heifer Show at Orangeburg County Fair
Leaders: Terry and Hollie Thomas
Phone:  (803) 829-1769

Branchville Livestock Club
Date:  Saturday mornings
Ages: 5 and up
Place: Lockett Elementary School
Activities: Livestock ownership is not a requirement.  Participating youth meet as a club to develop leadership skills, learn about raising and showing animals, and to have fun together.
Leaders:  Matthew Summers and Thad Wimberly
Phone: 803-534-6280

Dorchester Academy After-school Club
Ages: 5 and up
Place: Dorchester Academy Cafeteria
Activities: Introductory 4-H projects, service projects
Leader: Carroll Judy
Phone: 843-636-4077

Orangeburg County Lego Builders - Junior Lego League
Date:  every other Wednesday
Time: 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Ages: 5-8
Place: Orangeburg County Extension Office
Activities: Physics and engineering basics, Lego construction and activities, training for First Lego League
Leader: Emily Bonilla
Phone: 803-534-2409

Goat Club
Date: 2nd Thursdays
Time: 7:00 pm
Ages: 5 and up
Place:  Orangeburg County Extension Office
Activities:  Youth will experience speakers, field trips, fair shows and field days in order to learn about the goat industry and how to raise, care for and show goats. 
Leader:  Chris Sweatman (843) 906-7833

Mid-Carolina 4-H Shooting Sports
Date: Sunday afternoons
Ages: call the leader or the Extension office
Place: Mid-Carolina Gun Club, Kennerly Rd.
Activities: Members learn safety, self-discipline, sportmanship, and the benefits of healthy competition using the disciplines of shotgun, and skeet
Leader: Bernie Till  (803)664-4696

Service Buddies
Date: First Tuesday of every month
Time: 3:15 p.m.
Place: meet at the Orangeburg Extension Office to travel to other locations
Activities: various service projects around the Orangeburg and Calhoun communities
Leader:  Leigh Walker (803)534-6280

Star Center, Edisto District Schools, In-school Club
Date: last Tuesdays
Place: Star Center
Activities: Introductory 4-H
Leader: Belinda Johnson
Phone: 803-534-7661

Swamp Fox Community Club
Ages: 5 and up
Place: Providence United Methodist Church
Activities: 4-H projects, demonstrations, community service
Leader: Claire Mizell
Phone: 803-496-3602

United Hispanics, Edisto School District, After-school Club
Date: 2nd Tuesdays
Ages: 3rd grade and up
Place: Edisto Elementary School
Activities:  Members participate in a variety of science, service and leadership activities.
Leader: Beth Clark
Phone: 803-531-7646

Vanard J. Mendinghall Seventh Day Adventist Junior Academy, In-School Club
Date: Friday
Place: In-school
Activities: 4-H Science
Leader: Frankie Dawkins
Phone: 803-664-0245

Please note that all dates and times are subject to change.  Call regarding meeting dates.