4-H Leadership and Citizenship

4-H members are encouraged to build leadership and citizenship into any and all projects.  4-H members use what they have learned to teach and to serve others.  In addition to gaining valuable experience, this process allows 4-H members to reflect on the scope and impact of what they have learned.

Even young Cloverbud (ages 5-8) members can gain leadership experience by learning to recite and lead the 4-H pledge, presenting a "show and tell" to their club members on a favorite toy or book, or by decorating and riding on a 4-H float in a parade. 

As 4-H members progress, activities should advance, as well.

Building a 4-H Leadership Project

4-H members "learn by doing."  4-H members learn by leading.  Here are some activities that offer experience to build skills in leadership.


4-H Teen (ages 14-19) Ambassadors use their leadership, citizenship and communication skills to actively educate the public about South Carolina 4-H.  Ambassadors also serve as trainers and leaders at local and state 4-H events.  Members apply and submit a resume' in order to attend the annual 4-H Ambassador Training event usually held in the Columbia area.

Club Officers

Demonstrations and Public Speaking

4-H members should present demonstrations or speeches to their club. Because 4-H members often research projects that are beneficial to others, they should offer themselves as guest speakers at school or community functions, as well.  Suggested topics:

                      • anything relating to a 4-H project
                      • how to promote or market 4-H in the community
                      • subjects of interest to families (budget, health, nutrition,history)
                      • craft or hobby "how-to" demonstration or a simple "show and tell" for Cloverbud members
                      • topics that coincide with school projects, science fairs or scout badges

How to prepare a 4-H Demonstration

Junior Leadership Orangeburg:  Annually, the Orangeburg County Chamber of Commerce and 4-H host a series of tours and workshops designed to establish a sense of place, responsibility, and motivate high school juniors to begin exploration of careers and education available in Orangeburg County.  For more information, contact the Chamber at 534-6821 or the 4-H office.

Building a 4-H Citizenship Project

In 4-H Citizenship Projects, members build on their knowledge and skill base to serve effectively in public service roles. 

Here are some suggestions for building a 4-H Citizenship Project.

State 4-H Leadership and Citizenship Events and Activities
Senior Teen Weekend
Junior Weekend
Ambassador Training
State Teen Council
Public Speaking Contest