Membership Enrollment

Required Enrollment Forms

Permission to Participate

Membership Enrollment Form for Youth Paying the Membership Fee

Membership Enrollment Form for Youth NOT Paying the Membership Fee

Scholarship Request Form

When did 4-H begin charging dues?  September 2011
Do I have to re-enroll every year?   Yes
How much is the annual enrollment fee?  $10
Does everyone pay? 
All youth who have a choice to participate pay.  Youth who who are required to participate as part of a program such as an in-school club do not pay.
Where does my money go?
  $5 purchases member t-shirt, $3 goes to County program and is used to purchase club insurance and/or other miscellaneous items that clubs may need to begin a new year, $2 goes to South Carolina 4-H to support statewide 4-H events and activities.
If I am a member of more than one club or a member of 4-H in more than one county do I have to pay extra?  No
What if I move to another county in the middle of the 4-H year?  You do not have to pay again during that 4-H year.
Is financial assistance available?  Yes.  Contact your County Extension office.
Are 4-H membership fees refundable?  No