Membership Enrollment

The 4-H year runs from September 1 - August 31.  The following membership form and registration fee are required each year.  The Medical Examination requested on page 6 is only required for out-of-town or overnight 4-H activities.  However, if you have already had a Medical Statement or physical examination for another reason (sports, camps, etc) within the past two years, you may attach it to the registration form.

Required Enrollment Forms

2015-16 4-H Membership Form

Scholarship Request Form

When did 4-H begin charging dues?  September 2011

Do I have to re-enroll every year?

How much is the annual enrollment fee?

Does everyone pay?
All youth who have a choice to participate pay.  Youth who who are required to participate as part of a program such as an in-school club do not pay.

Where does my money go?
  $5 purchases member t-shirt, $3 goes to the county 4-H program and is used to purchase club insurance and/or other miscellaneous items that clubs may need to begin a new year; $2 goes to South Carolina 4-H to support statewide 4-H events and activities.

If I am a 4-H member in more than one club or more than one county do I have to pay for each club or county?

What if I move to another county in the middle of the 4-H year?
  You do not have to pay again during that 4-H year.

Is financial assistance available?
  Yes.  Contact your County Extension office.

Are 4-H membership fees refundable?