Natural Resources and Wildlife

Build a 4-H project using your interest in wildlife habitat, shooting sports, nature, forestry, fishing and hunting or outdoor recreation as your foundation.  Here are some sample ways to get started:

Mid-Carolina 4-H Shooting Sports Club
Lead Coach:  Bernie Till
Meets: mostly Sunday and Wednesday afternoons (depending on club schedule, tournament schedule, etc)
Disciplines: shotgun and skeet, safety, self-discipline and sportsmanship
Taught by qualified, certified and dedicated adult volunteers.

4-H Wildlife Food Plot Project
Participants will receive seed and prepare, establish and maintain a food plot for wildlife.
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Wildlife Activities and/or Club Lessons
Learn about habitat management, limiting factors, food, water and shelter in these fun group activities:
How Many Bears Can Live in this Forest?
Oh Deer!
Make outdoor "ornaments" using natural items and foods to attract wild birds to your yard year-round.
A Tree for the Birds