Science and Technology Projects

Science and Technology projects can take many forms.  4-H members can build a project in the Science and Technology project area by joining a Lego Robotics club, learning to make and blast off rockets, participating in school science fairs or 4-H demonstration contests, building a lamp or many other things the imagination can imagine!

You can start here for some ideas:

First Lego League Team (ages 9-14)
Junior Lego Club (ages 5-8)

Here are some simple, inexpensive activities to Make Learning Fun
Make a Marshmallow Shooter
Make a Marshmallow Catapult
Make a pinwheel to see "The Power of Wind"
Paper Rockets
Chemistry is Fun (Ice Cream in a Bag, Borax Slime, Volcano)
Balloon Flinking (Configure a helium balloon so it neither sinks or floats.)

Fun Contests and Challenges
Click on the link to find information on the State 4-H Engineering Challenge here.