4-H Youth Development

Four children smilingClemson Extension agents with primary Youth Development responsibilities work closely with state extension specialists and researchers located on campus and at the various research and education centers located across the state. They provide expertise in topics including animal agriculture and veterinary science, natural resources and the environment, gardening, leadership and citizenship, personal growth and development, and science, engineering and technology.

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September 1st—start of the new 4H year

September 5-27th—Soap Box Derby Workshops

October 18th – 4H Day at the State Fair


Local Agent

Leona Parr, 803-865-1216 ext 116 (Richland Office) or 803-359-8515 ext 124 (Lexington Office), leona@clemson.edu

Programs Offered

See this Pamphlet of all  4-H programs being offered in the county.

Richland County 4H Clubs

Horse Clubs:

  1. Richland County Rough Riders Katelyn Blackwell   Rcroughriders4h@aol.com
  2. Killian Riders 4H Club                     Lindsay Timms  Killianriders4h@hotmail.com
  3. Palmetto Posse                              Clara Beasley   Clarabeasley@hotmail.com
  4. Lower Richland 4-H Horse Club      Lisa Prynne      lisaprynne@bellsouth.net
  5. Spring Hill Equestrian 4H Club       Lori Mooney     4moonsfarm@gmail.com

Community Clubs:

  1. Zion Crane Creek Club   Wilma Weeks     wilmataylorweeks@hotmail.com
  2. GIVE Richland NE            Kristen Stratton  kristenstratton@bellsouth.net

Science/Technology Clubs:

          Garnet Squadron 4H Robotics Club   Billfred Leverette   william@billfredindustries.com                   

Information for the New 4H Year!

Please see the links below and the 4-H forms link in the upper left corner of the page for a new membership enrollment form.

4-H volunteer training series

4-H Volunteer Leader's Handbook

4-H Standards Handbook