orange tulipClemson Extension agents with primary horticulture responsibilities work closely with state extension specialists and researchers located on campus and at the various research and education centers located across the state. They provide expertise in topics ranging from fruits and vegetables, landscape, turf, ornamental plants and issues related to home gardening or commercial production. Many of your home and garden questions can be easily addressed at Clemson's Home and Garden Information Center.

Local Agent

Ted Williams, 803-779-8717 Ext 1127, twllms@clemson.edu

Don Carter carter5@clemson.edu, Agricultural Science Assistant - 803-865-1216

Don McInnesdmcinne@clemson.edu, Agricultural Science Assistant - 803-865-1216

Jackie Kopack JKOPACK@clemson.edu, Agricultural Science Assistant - 803-865-1216

For more information about programs and other services provided by the Clemson Extension Urban Horticulture Center, visit the Riverbanks Bontanical Garden

Visit the state-wide Horticulture website.