York County 4-H Natural Resource Clubs

Junior Master Gardener Club

Leader:  Kiersten Rugg, Environmental Educator with the City of Rock Hill

Innovative 4-H youth gardening project modeled after the highly successful Master Gardener Program.  JMG teaches horticulture and environmental education and leadership through fun and creative activities.  This club is for youth grades 3 to 5.  Class will meet once a month from September 2010 until May 2011.  Classes will be hld on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 9:00 until noon and will be held at Glencarin Garden Learning Center in Rock Hill.

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Sharpeye Shooters Club

Leader:  Benji Turner
Instructors:  Dennis Bass, Greg Krause, P.J. Krause, Todd Howden
Teen Instructors:  Ben Turner and Stephen Howden

The club is comprised of youth ages 10-19,who are accompanied by a parent/guardian at each shooting practice; meeting locations are varied.  The club participates in several state contests.