Darlington County Staff





Ryan Bean Area Forestry and Natural Resources Agent rbean@clemson.edu 803-432-9071
Christy Beasley Nutrition Educator Assistant clbeasl@clemson.edu 843-393-0484
Jennifer Boyles Agribusiness Extension Agent jbyls@clemson.edu 843-616-0786
Patricia (Trish) DeHond Area Agronomy Agent pdehond@clemson.edu 843-858-0754
Kelly Duke Administrative Assistant kmduke@clemson.edu 843-393-0484
Michael McManus District Extension Director mmcmns@clemson.edu 843-479-6851
Anthony Melton Senior County Extension Agent amelton@clemson.edu 843-661-4800
Sarah Rogers Water Resources Extension Agent skr@clemson.edu 843-661-4800
TJ Savereno Senior Associate Agent asavere@clemson.edu 843-230-3109
Amber Starnes Area Livestock and Forages Agent arstarn@clemson.edu 843-623-2134
Leigh Walker Darlington County Senior Extension Agent lawlkr@clemson.edu 843-393-0484

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